Franchises, 2016

A series of drawings of American fast food chains; some of the works depict the first of their kind, others the most typical. The drawings address the American obsession with the hyperreal and our celebration for the sign of something over the real thing. Pediments, cupolas and clapboard sides attached to stucco boxes symbolize the American tendency to deceive ourselves in the hopes of feeling better.


Gatekeepers, 2016

A paper model of the iconic Howard Johnson's Gatekeeper building designed, flattened, printed and painted in multiple. Each model can be cut apart and assembled to form a 3-D miniature of the building once plentiful and now in 2016 all but deleted from the American landscape.

The Pines.jpg

The Borscht Belt, 2015

Beginning in the 1940s a string of resorts cropped up in the Catskills Mountain region of New York state. Known affectionately as "the Borscht Belt", these hotels catered to American Jews who, looking both to assimilate and gather as a tribe, converged on upstate NY for summer holidays. This series contrasts promotional postcards from that era with contemporary photographs gathered from the resort ruins today.

Dream House, 2013-5

A series of paintings about the planned track housing suburbs of Levittown, NY, Levittown, PA, Willingboro, NJ (formally Levittown) and Levittown, Puerto Rico. Between 1947 and the early 1970s, the Levitt brothers developers built more than 140,000 houses. At the height of construction, the Levitt brothers built a house every sixteen minutes. These track houses were the first affordable middle class housing option for many GIs returning from WWII. These painting combine period photos with contemporary ones revealing what has change while so much as stayed the same. Floral patterns based on period wallpaper the ultimate machine made personalization.

New Year, New You, 2014-5

A poem for the new year:
All Comet Dawn
Fantastiq Fabulouso
Ivory Dove Cascade
Irish Spring Tide Surf
Caress Glisten Sunlight Bounce
Pledge Method Resolve Lifebuoy
Gain Cheer
Shout Joy